How To Securely Data Recovery Hard Drive Data

Modern hard drives can hold an enormous amount of Data Recovery, even that of a computer scrapped 10 or 15 years ago. People often say, “No one would be interested in my data!” You might be surprised.

Email and social media logins are popular with hackers. Accessing your email will allow a hacker to reset passwords to many of your other accounts, such as PayPal, Amazon, social media, cloud storage, and possibly even banking. A list of your contacts would allow a hacker to impersonate you and send them Data Recovery convincing scams.

A hacker might be able to scrape snippets of all sorts of data about you, harmless on their own, but useful in constructing an impersonation attempt. And more.

It is therefore important that a hard drive never leaves your possession without the data being securely destroyed.

Data Recovery on SSDs, USB drives, and memory cards requires quite different methods. See my companion tutorial for SSDs and USB drives if that’s your problem.

Both of the above can leave Twitter data fragments in remapped and hidden disk sectors. Blancco is the professional disk cleaning utility with various government and industry standard certifications and approvals. An evaluation license is available.

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