How To Learn All Details For Data Recovery Service

It manages trouble ticketing service calls and problem management for data recovery services but It also tracks, monitors and measures the status of incidents. enabling IT to provide timely, accurate reports to prove data recovery service quality levels Service Reporter enables efficient, high-level and centralized monitoring and also problem management for complex data recovery service environments. providing a client portal to monitor data recovery service health Service Information Portal provides a customizable portal that permits monitoring storage utility, data recovery parameters, aggregate statistics and drill-down information.

User-specific views enable individual client organizations to monitor the status of their data recovery services but This portal can easily accommodate other sources beyond Data Recovery. Data Protector also instant recovery reduces the cost of downtime, increases application service levels and enables operational efficiencies but increases infrastructure efficiency Storage Data Protector increases the efficiency of the infrastructure you have today and the infrastructure you will need in the future by:

  • Keeping high-speed tape drives streaming and preventing server bottlenecks
  • Allowing library sharing between multiple systems and multiple platforms
  • Load balancing the systems, which distributes the backup across concurrently utilized systems
  • Providing LAN-free backup, application-server less backups, NDMP backup, manager-of-managers, backup through firewall support, cluster environment support and direct backup

Tape-based recovery with Data Protector is more efficient because Data Protector allows direct backup to be combined with instant recovery but Direct backup is direct disk-to-tape via SAN, eliminating the need for a server acting as a data mover between the disk array and the tape. Direct backup is true server-less backup utilizing SCSI Copy standard data movers and also It provides high performance and eliminates server I/O path in moving recovery images to tape. For detailed information on direct backup, please refer to the Data Protector support matrixes under: increases scalability Storage Data Protector is a single solution with a consistent look and feel across multivendor operating systems.

Data Recovery

It scales from small workgroups to multisite, heterogeneous SAN and NAS environments with thousands of servers. Data Protector provides the scalability to meet even the largest 24/7 enterprise backup environments by providing on-line backup of its internal database, and enabling backup of its catalog database over multiple tapes. preserves customer also choice Data Protector offers a broad compatibility with multivendor platforms, applications operating systems, libraries, disks and topologies. It supports a comprehensive list of backup clients (disk agents) and backup device servers (media agents) to extract application Linkedin data and protect it onto backup drives and tape libraries.

Additional database and application agents provide support for specialized backup approaches, such as online, open-file, server less or zero-downtime backup integrations. Data Protector enables uninterrupted operation of Network Node Manager by protecting its underlying database, Solid, without requiring application shutdown. support services HP offers a scalable set of support services for all solutions. The wide range of service offerings enables you to choose the support program that best matches your needs. Options include:

  • Customer Care Standard: Provides 8×5 unlimited telephone support, timely product upgrades and materials delivered automatically, and direct access to Care. This option is included in the price of each software product.
  • Customer Care Extended: Includes all the benefits of Customer Care Standard plus extended 24×7 phone support.
  • Customer Care Advantage: Provides proactive, remote technical assistance, such as periodic patch management and call history review.
  • Customer Care Premier: Encompasses a proactive, personalized service for large or complex, multi platform management environments. Provides dedicated support personnel focused around three key activities: business alliance management, proactive problem avoidance and onsite technical services.
  • Mission Critical: Maximizes system uptime/availability by providing specialized resources for fast recovery. (Available on HP-UX versions of as part of HP’s Mission Critical offering.)
  • E-Care: Provides fast, efficient access to knowledge. Includes access to always-on solution self-help and business self-help through

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