How To Data Recovery From Formatted Mobile

Basically, the recovery options are limited to the possibility of looking in a “trash can” for media files that we have recently deleted. Terminals that offer this option add a “trash” icon or write the option in the trash settings, with which we can find recently deleted photos and videos.

But since there are surely more files that we want to Data Recovery including documents, photos, contacts etc… we will have to use a third-party tool specially developed for this purpose. The downside is that the most popular, efficient and do not require root are paid, fortunately a tool like Benne allows us to have several trial days to be able to recover deleted files.

Once this application is installed, we can perform a full scan of the entire system in search of recently deleted files and documents. Then we can select the ones we want to Data Recovery and click on the restore button to recover them to our mobile.

If the files have been erased from the memory card, it is also not difficult to recover them. One of the tools that offer the best results is Recuva , but in this case we must connect the mobile to a PC using the USB cable. Once done, we select the file transfer mode in the connectivity options.

This is one of the most delicate points and which can seem more complicated to Twitter recover deleted files. We may have performed a conscious factory reset of the mobile, remembering right after that some important files were not saved. Hardware issues or a virus may also have caused the data to be erased.

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