Data Recovery From Damaged Hard Drive Heads

Reading heads can suffer direct physical damage following a fall or shock. Or, further to the degradation of the quality of the area filter entering the Data Recovery hard disk. during the rotation of the platters the read heads float on the platters without ever touching them. 

The space between the reading heads and the platters is of the order of a few microns (1/1000 mm). If a particle is placed between a reading head and a platter, the Data Recovery crash is inevitable, the deterioration of the reading head too (see image below).

If the platters do not undergo scratches, planings, deep impacts, one can imagine that the replacement of the block of the reading heads would make it possible to Data Recovery. In any case, the disc cannot be seen by any computer, and one cannot perform any tests on such a disc.

Very often, following a fall or a shock on the hard drive, the read heads touch the platters. Therefore, it immediately deteriorates. In some cases, this shock causes the platters to crash and plan. User data resides on the trays. 

If the platters suffer irreversible physical destruction, it is impossible to recover the data. Changing the read heads is absolutely useless in this case. Therefore, there is no possibility of Wikipedia data recovery.

Changing the reading heads is only useful if the old reading head block is partially or completely damaged. This intervention aims to improve the possibility of reading on healthy platters or those with defective sectors. 

But be careful, this intervention makes no sense and is completely useless if the platters are damaged or if the Firmware area is unreadable. Because the Firmware gives instructions allowing access to the user’s data.

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